Kristy Branch Banks Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Kristy Branch Banks, P.A. handles all matters involving real estate law, estate planning, mortgage refinancing, title services, tax deed and foreclosure, land use planning and development, and corporate matters.

  • Residential Real Estate

    • Residential closings are second nature to Attorney Kristy Branch Banks. She promises to make your residential purchase or sale a smooth process and will cautiously review or draft concise, appropriate documents, minimizing surprises.
  • Commercial Real Estate

    • For the purchase or sale of business property, you need a lawyer to advise you of potential problems and work to obtain the best possible purchase or sale terms. Kristy Branch Banks, PA has a hefty understanding of commercial real estate law and the transactions and financial and tax issues that it entails.
  • Mortgage Refinancing

    • Kristy Branch Banks, PA, is a lawyer who will work closely with the new lender to satisfy the loan requirements. She has extensive experience with the complicated issues involved in a refinance.
  • Homeowner Associations

    • Working closely with HOA boards, property managers, and property owners, Attorney Kristy Branch Banks will draft appropriate documents, interpret contracts, resolve disputes, and represent you if litigation is necessary.
  • Title Services

    • Kristy Branch Banks, PA, provides thorough title searches assuring there are no ownership or unresolved issues associated with the property.
  • Tax Deed and Foreclosure Sale

    • For Tax Deed or Foreclosure sale you need a lawyer who has a well-established career in real estate law. Attorney Kristy Branch Banks has that experience. She will work to clear title on properties purchased by a tax deed and assist with any problems or concerns that arise during the purchase.
  • Estate Planning

    • Estate planning is frequently avoided or overlooked. Kristy Branch Banks, PA, will make the often-neglected estate planning task painless by explaining asset protection and estate planning and drafting the appropriate documents.
  • Probate Services

    • Kristy Branch Banks, PA, will help you sort through legal matters left after a death. If probate is required, she will assist you in the probate process. She can oversee the organization of the deceased's assets, notify the decedent's creditors, distribute remaining assets according to the decedent's will or estate plan, and prepare any estate inheritance tax return or federal estate tax return.
  • Corporate Matters

    • Attorney Kristy Branch Banks provides counsel on choosing the right business entity to limit personal exposure and works to protect your personal assets in the event of a lawsuit.
  • Land Use Planning & Development

    • With the urban planning foundation of more than two decades, Kristy Branch Banks, PA, will work to successfully navigate laws and regulations and interpret land use regulations for you anywhere in the state of Florida.